Sunday, March 20, 2011

So is it all going to look good when I am finished?

I have spent a lot of time creating party decorations for people in the themes they dream for their child's special day and very rarely do I get to see the final result. A centerpiece here, a few party favors there but I often wonder how do they put the whole package together and how does it look the day of the party?

We spent about eight weeks creating this Tinkerbell and Friends party package for a little girl turning three. Before we packed it all up and shipped it out, we decided it might be fun to set up the decorations the way we envisoned it for the party. With the help of a few extra picture props, we put together this adorable Pixie Hollow right in the middle of our livingroom.

Instead of traditional balloons and streamers, we recreated Tinkerbell and all her friends in a 3-D "mobile" that could hang from the ceiling (or in my case the ceiling fan) just above the party table. We did some butterflies and found this adorable paper lantern globe that was perfect for the color scheme. Bought a plastic table cloth in lime green that matched the decor for about $1 and added some artificial purple flowers at the tablecloth corners to dress up the traditional plastic cloth.

I wouldn't mind being a guest at this birthday party!!

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