Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to my Blog

I am really excited to create my second blog. I decided that I needed a way to share why I create the projects I have been making for the past year. I enjoy creating handmade projects. I especially love creating birthday party decorations for children. It has become a very rewarding ambition that started as a hobby but is fastly becoming a growing succesful business. I am amazed and intrigued by how people have been drawn to what I am creating with my birthday party decorations, birthday party favors, and birthday party centerpieces. I love the comments and feedback I get when they tell me they love the items they ordered, they love the ability to personalize birthday party favors and decorations to make their child's day so much more special.

So I am dedicating my second blog to specifically birthday party decorations that are handmade, have a theme, and the ability to share ideas that will make your child's next birthday party full of special memories for all of you!

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